I offer a completely effective and affordable Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing solution to our clients.

I can achieve and sustain top position search engine results for competitive key phrases within any industry.


The way we start any search engine optimisation campaign off for our clients is to conduct extensive keyword analysis. From this we will select the mst effective keywords that will bring your website targeted traffic. We will then go about changing your on site and off site optimisation for the better.

On site optimisation

On site optimisation is about letting the search engines know exactly what your site is about. This can involve anything from making sure certain keywords are included in you text and title tags, making the navigation more search engine friendly and shifting the focus onto your most important pages.

Off site optimisation

Off site optimisation is the most important part of any SEO campaign and is the most vital part in making your website visible to the search engines. It is possible to make off site optimisation work without any onsite optimisation, but when the two are combined great things happen...

Most off site optimisation relies upon building in-bound links to your website, which search engines see as a vote of popularity towards your site. Although this sounds relatively easy and we admit ourselves that SEO is not rocket science, you need to have experience within the search engine arena to do this properly.

Whether you have a new website or have been trying to achieve search engine rankings for years, we can help.

How the service works

01 You tell me what keywords you would like to be on page one of google for.

02 I will carry out my own research and suggest some keywords of my own.

03 After we have agreed on the keywords I will be working on, you won't pay us a penny until your site has appeared on page one for these search terms.

How can I help? If you think I can help you with your S.E.O project, then a good place to start is to fill out my contact form below or give me a call on 07719 181 332.

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