As a business owner you will have already invested a good deal of time in the design of your website, brochure, inserts and other marketing materials.

Maybe you will have considered the layout of your website or the print quality of the brochure etc. But have you really thought about the words... Have you really considered what it takes to motivate people to respond?

Words are very powerful. Words get people to buy.

Whether it is a website, brochure, flyer, or an email – it's the words that inspire, persuade and ultimately move people to contact you.

Why Good Copywriting Doesn't Work

 Today good copy simply isn't enough. Almost every minute of the day, your audience is being sold to: adverts, emails, tweets, pay per click, inserts, flyers... all trying to get their attention. And today, we have all gotten much better at filtering this out – or worse – ignoring this daily deluge of "noise".

Today good copy isn't good enough – instead – every word and every sentence needs to count. Your copy needs to inspire and motivate your audience in to action. If the words don't speak directly to the client, they will ignore it – and take their business elsewhere!

I have access to copywriters that write great copy.

With over 10 years' collective experience of both online and offline copywriting, they understand what motivates people to buy. Simply put: we help businesses determine that they need to say and then we find the best way to say it.

Copywriting Services

The copywriters I employ on behalf of my clients have experience across a wide range of industries and sectors, including both B2B and B2C. So whatever the size of your project: a simple sales letter or a full direct mail advertising campaign; more compelling copy for your website, or a press release that needs to say the right things – the copywriter service will make the difference.

People will buy your products and services based on the words they read. It's often as simple as that. Get this wrong and they've gone elsewhere. Get this right and you're that much closer to making the sale. I can help, so get in touch today.

Specialist Copywriting Services

I can provide a copywriting service for sales letters, flyers, inserts and other marketing collateral, but I also offer two very specialist copywriting services.

Website copywriting service

Fresh, compelling content is the key to ensuring your website is found by both your audience and the search engines. Never mind cash, today "content is king".

The words on your website must immediately engage and captivate your audience: after all you have, on average, just 7 seconds to do this before they click away! In addition good quality content will do wonders for how well your website ranks in Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

So if you want your website to be more responsive, then you need my website copywriting service. I think my website copywriting service is unique. Why? Simply because the content is written for two key audiences: the customer and the search engines.

How It Works

In short I start with a full "website audit". Based on my proprietary copywriting system, I'll give your website a good look-over to measure among other things: how good (or bad) the copy is, that there's no irrelevant waffle, and assess the content for the keywords you want to rank for in the search engines.

Now it's time to start work on the words: injecting some personality and your company's uniqueness in to the copy and ensuring the words do what you want them to do – to get visitors to contact you.

Website copywriting is the unique balance of captivating, persuasive copy that encourages the visitor to stay and click in the right places – and high-quality keyword rich content that Google and others will find irresistible. In other words...

Creative, compelling, intelligent copywriting that will get your website noticed! Contact me and let's see what we can do.

Business Brochure Design Service

Over the years I've seen many business brochures, and let's be frank most are dull and stuffy. You know the kind of content: how long the business has been trading for, the vision, the values, photos of the office... It works to a point, but the very best copy should focus on your customer, not your company.

My copywriters do brochures differently.

From the start, the brochure copywriting service involves working closely with you to get a clear idea of your target audience, a real sense of what you want to convey – and most importantly what you want to "sell". It then focusses on your company's uniqueness and translate all of this on to the page with the perfect combination of great copy and enticing imagery.

It is powerful stuff and our clients tell us it works too.

So if you'd prefer your audience didn't throw your brochure straight in the bin, but kept it and made that call. Or if you feel it's time for a new, fresh look and you want us to bring your personality to the page, contact me today to discuss our premium brochure copywriting service.

How can I help? If you think I can help you with your design project, then a good place to start is to fill out my contact form below or give me a call on 07719 181 332.

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