Brochures and Leaflets are affordable, and easily the most effective way of catching the wandering eye of a new customer.

I strive to make sure that your design communicates core brand values about your business and the services or products you provide in a clear and concise way.

A strong, appealing brochure design will not only engage but give a prospective customer the confidence to pick you above the competition. Likewise, it can reinforce your position with an existing client and encourage return business.

I have excellent relations with several printers throughout the country and can confidently offer the most reasonable print/design packages available.

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My advice...

Designing a successful leaflet or brochure is not without its challenges. This is because unlike posters or flyers for example, the quantity of information you are communicating is likely to be larger and therefore you will have to combat people's attention spans.

I like to classify these attention spans and reader types by three distinct categories:

01 The instant read, when a reader picks the leaflet off of the promotional rack or out of the bundle of mail

02 The scan read. This can be a quick evaluation to see whether there is any information the reader may find useful.

03 The in-depth read. When the reader has made the choice that the information in your brochure is relevant to them and expects it to give them value.

After understanding these three groups, you still want to be able to get them to do something.

Know what you want to achieve

You must be clear about what you want the reader to do after reading your leaflet, whether this is to make contact with you, buy a product or service, or gain a better understanding of something for educational purposes. To know how to get the desired effect, you must firstly understand your target audience.

Target audience

  • You shouldn't stop at purely identifying the demographics of your customer base. Based on this data, you should be able to characterise or personify them.
  • What are they called?
  • What type of car do they drive?
  • What are their aspirations in life?
  • Truly understanding the individuals that make up your target audience will aid better leaflet design.

Educate the consumer

Make sure the reader knows why they should buy your product/service over the competition's. Make it an interesting and unique experience for them and let this information support your end goal.

Make them care

Whatever we like to think about ourselves, most of our purchasing decisions are not rational and we usually purchase something because we feel strongly about it or think it will make us feel better. Consider these questions:

  • Why should they care?
  • How would you like them to respond emotionally?

Make them do something

You should be very clear about what you want the customer to do once they finish reading your brochure.
Give them explicit instructions on how they should proceed and make it easy for them to understand the next steps involved in contacting your company or buying your products and services.


Even the best looking design is just graphics unless there is a thought process behind it. The bulk of our work is usually spent on objectives and target audience, not design. Graphic design is not purely art, but a communicational language. That said, we obviously do put a lot of time into how your brochure or leaflet will look. The point we are trying to emphasise here is that when we talk about design of a leaflet, this is much broader than just how it will look.